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I took a co-op opportunity to work with Tero in Victory Arts and assisted in creating videos for thier shows called "Me and my Monster" and YOUniverse. These primary shows I worked on are directed towards a very young demographic that includes lessons and facts. I was able to expand my creativity on a design level where I work on different mediums to tell a story. After my co-op, I was given the opportunity to work with Tero on a contract to continue the Monster videos and YOUniverse videos to help build my portfolio.

Me and My Monster Concepts

I helped out with Tero in these 5 minute animations with lessons and unique monsters that help reflect what each show is about. Different mediums are used to change up some of the concepts to engage with, and the monsters were styled with different colours or exaggerated features to make it fun for each episode. Some of these concepts were my own styles but others were done by young co-op students and I helped animate the episodes with the concepts the students provided to me such as the top right and the bottom right. Storyboards were encouraged to help breakdown how the story will go, sometimes the storyboards will be part of the video since they have a sketched out in a way that gives the feeling that a child helped out in the story. These were fun videos to do and there was a lot of fun to do since we had the creative freedom to stylize each character and scene however we want.

Video Results

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YOUniverse Concepts

The larger video projects I was working on were Space Pups and Space Car. Space car was my favourite to worke with. I was able to create a multimedia video using different art styles to help tell a story while appealing to the audience with colourful and cute characters. Each concept was reviewed by the creative director and added to the final cut. Audio and background music would be added to the video, giving more depth to the video. Real world facts are included to the video after the story is told and educate the kids on what we did in space or for space.

Video Results

Video Example #2

Video Example #3