The Process

I worked at Victory Arts during my coop weeks. One of the projects I was given the chance to do a Space Pups motion graphics for their show YOUniverse. The concept for this project layers with live objects and vector artwork for multimedia purposes. I created a style frame that contained vector designs and reference photos/textures to better utilize how I want my video to look for each scene.

Photo Reference

Some of the images that were used in the video contained were everyday objects or dog toys that better represents the YOUniverse of our space pups. I bought colorful tennis balls, and chewy bones. I found my comfy mermaid blanket that made a really nice landscape for the first scene of the video. Some crystals and gemstones were used for mountains as well as a glass window or as an additional item to support the script more. An uncommon use of live objects was using a snowball and make it represent an asteroid passing through. Some textures I used in the video were from google such as the glitter and stock free photography of grass.

Video Snippets