Winston: Le Petit Chien

Illustration | Layout


I was asked to create a childrens book from my mom for her school. The book is based on my dog winston. The book is targeted towards a young demographic and supposed to represent different parts of Ontario for each series. The main characters, Winston and France embark on a journey across Ontario and then the rest of Canada, exploring fasinsting places. Winston helps bring more fun to the adventures. The book would be promoted to the school and potentially have different forms of advertisments such as pop-up banners, shirts, buttons, etc. This is a more of a layout and illustration project that best shows my knowledge and skills in layout design using illustrator and Indesign.

Illustration Concepts

The concept for this book and promotion has a simple 2D feel based off my usual style for the book. The main character, France has two cats and winston. The pets are based off my real-life pets and have the same style as the character some background images were inspired by other designers or directly based off of real structures. While the character go off to different locations, the design layout would change based off a different location.

Design Result and Display

In a way to promote the book. I did come up with some display results as well as a display for the book as to how it would look like when going through different pages. The chances of a promo video to advertise the video is still up for debate, depending on how well the sales are made for this kids book.