Invest Ottawa

Design | Motion


I got the opportunity to work as a motion designer under an 11 month remote contract with Invest Ottawa during the pandemic. The original position was for a graphic design proof where I helped out with standard graphic design for brands. I got the opportunity to be transferred to another department within Invest Ottawa to be their motion designer for social media and comapnies such as AreaX.O and Bayview Yards.

Mockup examples for Invest Ottawa

While the concepts were done by a few fellow designers in the department. Some of my concepts were very simple for quick videos while the ones designed by the other designers were more detailed but I had the chance to create motion videos for social media, or the main website. Some of the mockups above show some brief stills on the final artwork and layout for the video. I was given different video dimensions that best fit the correct platform the video would be used.

Video Example

Video Example #2

Video Example #3

Video Example #4

Bayview Yards Sketch Concepts

One of the largest projects I got the opportunity to do a video for Bayview Yards where I took the time to design a robot that represents the protyping journey for the client. I started off with different sketches to help build a gender neutral robot that would best represent the video for the audience. The sketches were narrowed down to the top four seen above. In the end the winning robot was the top left to be used in the video since it was the most simple and gender neutral.

Rough concepts and Blender

I used blender for the first time create a 3D looking robot that would be used in the video. The concept was a hybrid between 2D and 3D to mix up the media style. Blender was a new experience as a designer, it took a bit to hang of it and build two robots for the video. One rough version of the robot and one more of a refine version of the robot. Since the video is a journey path has to show a progression between the 2D rough version of the robot all the way to the 3D refined robot, it needed to show that style change overtime.

Draft video