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My friends Sara and Rebecca reached out to me to create and polish a logo they have been wanting to use for their small business. The business is a dog friendly treat shop where they create handmade dog treats and sometimes decorate the treats on custom charcuterie boards. They wanted a brand that is easy to recongnize and cute to display their brand. I helped out with creating and producing stickers and holiday versions of the logo for promotional purposes.


The concept for the logo was simple. The girls already had a rough design in mind and they gave me the rough copy to polish and add a nice pastel colour to the logo. I had conversations with Sara about how the logo should look while it was being polished. In the illustrator concept, I added a thicker stroke in the logo so help make it stand out more and played around with the font and sizing. Sara was able to create rough versions of the logo and I helped clean them up based on some of the examples above.

Final Results

Once a solid logo concept is polished. Sara and Rebecca loved it. We used the dog logo as a base to use it for holiday specials and displayed for stickers and banners. The logo is also used for social media such as Instagram to promote the business through posts and Instagram stories. I helped out with the sticker process in the beginning to put on packaging, and sending over digital versions for social media and their website.

Design Result and Display

Here are some of the displays the brand was used for the business. Sara and Rebecca used the logo on banners and cookie cutters to make their treats. I enjoyed making the different holiday logos to help promote their brand for the holiday treats and events.

Logo animation

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