The Process

Over the summer I have been working for Laura Dudas, a Candidate running for Innes Ward from May to September. When creating an identity for Laura Dudas I had to make sure it was simple but effective. Since there were tight deadlines to be done to help promote Laura Dudas. Quick color and font choices had to be made. How the identity had be be laid out we very important since it was going to go on shirts and lawn signs

Result Choice

The main font used was Lemon/Milk. What makes it an effective font is how sharp and thick the leading which makes it stand out for muliple appilcations. The main colour was Pantone 268 CP purple and the accent colour was Pantone 584 CP yellow/green. These two colours compliment eachother as the green is used for small accent text and does not clash width the purple completely.


The types of applications is used to gain supporters in the Laura Dudas Campaign were mainly t-shirts, lawn signs and business cards.

Demo Video

Here is a sample video of the campaign for what Laura Dudas is about to serve the Innes Ward.