The Process

While working at Algonquin College I was asked to create campaign designs. As part of the Dog Squad campaign that is advertised across campus. The therapy dogs get a chance to have an illustrated counterpart for the calendar, poster, postcard as well as their own blown up illustration for viewers to observe. To stick with the Algonquin college graphic standards each therapy dog had to have the geometric shapes with no curves or gradients.

The Result

The result for creating the illustrations, builds a campaign to promote the Dog Squad. I created multiple print outs such as banners, postcards and posters. The campaign was very prominate on CTV news and Algonquin Times. I found it pretty awesome that people loved the illustrations on every piece of format. Its simple, its bold, but all cuteness. Credit goes towards the photogrpher for the Dog Squad event.


The bone motif used in the poster and calendar indicated that it is part of the dog squad campaign. The motif is used on a number of mockups that will be used for the launch event. Keeping it simple but still give a direct message as to what the event is about. The motif will be used on dog jackets, t-shirts and banners for volunteers and dog owners to purchase or handout during the event.

Official Video